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Fighters of the Year 2016

Kyokushin Results website published an annual ranking of fighters from around the world and all federations, organizations – large or small. In the men’s top 100, while for women’s top 30. Now comes the best: fighter of the year! Two WKO Shinkyokushinkai fighters they declared as the best for 2016: Khassay Magomedov (Russia) and Szepesi Csenge (Hungary). Congratulations! Osu!  Here […]


I found this article and because there is some mistake, I decided to copy on my blog, not to share from original website as is normal. Here is full text with little edit: Kenji Midori was born in April 18th 1962 in the city of Setenay in entrepreneurial family of Amami, Oshima island. He grew in […]


The 13th Winter Camp 2017 will take place again in the beautiful surroundings of Lam/Bavarian Forest and it will start on Friday 3rd of February 2017 at 19.30 and will end Sunday 5th of February 2017 at 13.00. This Winter Camp of Shin/Kyokushin Karate in Germany is going to be a camp you will never […]

HBD Sensei!

Happy Birthday to one and only, one of the best fighters and the star of Bulgarian karate – Valeri Dimitrov Sensei! OSU!     5th World Cup 2013 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Lukas Kubilius) 4rd World Cup 2009 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Norichika Tsukamoto) 3rd World Cup 2005 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Alexei […]

Norichika Tsukamoto sensei & Alistair Overeem

Imagine Norichika Tsukamoto sensei and Alistair Overeem together… No, there is no words about fight between Norichika Tsukamoto sensei and Alistair Overeem! They just train together, but Sensei actually showed him some of his special training. Anyone who was in camp – seminar led by sensei knows these exercises. Here is a video and a long article on Japanese about the meeting of […]

6th World Open Tournament (video)

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Rare Old Video! 6th World Open Tournament February 1996, Tokyo, Japan 1. Norichika Tsukamoto JAPAN 2. Kunihiro Suzuki JAPAN 3. Kou Tanigawa JAPAN 4. Tsuyoshi Murase JAPAN 5. Akira Masuda JAPAN 6. Hiroyuki Miake JAPAN 7. Toru Okamoto JAPAN 8. Kouji Abiko JAPAN