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Midori Shihan videos from 5th World Open Tournament

This Open Tournament was helt November 2nd, 3rd & 4th 1991 in Tokyo, Japan with 250 competitors from 112 countries. Here is results: 1. Kenji Midori JAPAN 2. Akira Masuda JAPAN 3. Hiroki Kurosawa JAPAN 4. Jean Riviere CANADA 5. Kenji Yamaki JAPAN 6. Yutaka Ishii JAPAN 7. Yasuhiro Shichinohe JAPAN 8. Johnny Kleijn HOLLAND Fighting Spirit […]

Bulgarian team for European championship 2015 (picture update)

European Shinkyokushin karate championship for Juniors and Adults will be held on 17 – 18 April 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. Everything about the tournament you can follow of the application  for mobile phones. Photos by Terziev dojo © 2015  Juniors Denitsa Georgieva – Kata Dimitar Tumbev – Kumite Iliyan Yunakov Teodor Dimitrov Dzhaner Shyukri Mladen Asenov Antonio […]

Quotes of the week

If we try to move and overdo it, that overdoing will definitely come back to us. If we overdo it, our hearts become dark. Standing gently between the sky and the ground. If we only move decile, our hearts and bodies will make us understand a lot. The older I get, the more docile I want […]

Valeri Dimitrov’s technics

Look what I found ヴァレリーキック (下段カカト蹴り) Vareri kikku (gedan kakato geri) “Valeri” kick (axe kick to front thigh of opponent) ヴァレリキック → 左下突き Vareri kikku → hidari shita zuki “Valeri” kick → left body shot ヴァレリキック → 右下突き Vareri kikku → migi shita zuki “Valeri” kick → right body shot 下突き → 後ろ回し蹴り Shita zuki […]

The 9th World Tournament 2007 – videos – updates with FINALS

A really great tournament with several big moments to remember. WKO Shinkyokushin YouTube chanell uploaded videos from the 9th World Tournament in Japan 2007 Results: 1. Takayuki Tsukakoshi (Japan) 2. Donatas Imbras (Lithuania) 3. Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria) 4. Roman Nesterenko (Russia) 5. Maxim Shevchenko (Russia) 6. Darius Gudauskas (Lithuania) 7. Norichika Tsukamoto (Japan) 8. Denis Grigoriev (Russia) […]

Norichika Tsukamoto’s videos

Two times World Champion, known for his revolutionary and progressive fighting style. He alone has given Full Contact Karate modified ways of thinking and new performing techniques. Videos by WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI 新極真会 Videos from haukis.com Videos from Official Facebook page