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Karate quotes of the week

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov says:   *To accept karate not as a sport, but as an art, only in this way you can train it your whole life. *Expectations lead to disappointments, so I don’t have any. To make the best possible training and to give the utmost. Result is not the most important thing, important […]

The 1st World Open Karate Championship (video)

November 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 1975, Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in 2 days was held the First World Open Karate Championship. Results: Katsuaki Sato JAPAN Hatsuo Royama JAPAN Joko Nimoniya JAPAN Daigo Oishi JAPAN Toshikazu Sato JAPAN Takashi Azuma JAPAN Charles W. Martin USA Frank Clark USA 128 competitors from 32 Countries Enjoy the […]

Roman Nesterenko seminar in Beijing, China

Roman Nesterenko – All Russian champion, World champion 2009, and among top four in the two last World Tournaments. Sensei Nesterenko is a strong fighter, unpredictable, with a surprising knockout techniques. He has been the top Russian fighter for last years… This year he is a guest instructor on seminar of WKO Shinkyokushin China

Interview with World Champion Szepesi Csenge

Szepesi Csenge became World Champion at the 11th World Karate Championships (WKO), which was held from October 31st, to November 1st, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. You won World Championships in Japan. How difficult was your way to the victory? I had a really difficult draw, with 4 Japanese and 1 Lithuanian fighter. But as I […]