The 2nd EFKO camp in Belgium – report from Shihan Koen Spitaels

Shihan Koen Spitaels shared his thoughts and gratitude to all.

The 2nd EFKO camp in Bütgenbach Belgium became an enormous success for the new “Let’s work together” movement “European Fullcontact Karate Organization”. We are so proud that each of us can be a part of this family to share our Budo and Fullcontact karate passion. It was the 3rd time that we organized a big united camp as this and for me it feels that we are writhing history. Bringing so many people from different countries, from different organization and styles together is not done so many times before. And because everybody is treated equal and with respect this combination grows, this movement grows.

The success of this camp was not the work of one person but the hard work from everyone, the participants, the instructors, the staff, the organizers, the parents, the Worriken SportsCenter [amazing place for camps]… and I think it is important that I mention some people because they did a tremendous job to make it happen.

First of all I want to thank all top instructors from different countries and organizations Ademir da CostaDavid PickthallKoen ScharrenbergYasukazu KoiTsuyoshi MidoriSemmy SchiltGouken Dojo, Paul Lorist, Eric ConstanciaJonathan Tineo ChicaMuzaffer Muzi BacakLuigi PolimenoGeir HavrebergValeri DimitrovBoris NikolovShihan Jesús Talán Shinkyokushin EspañaRemigiusz KarpińskiEugeniusz DadzibugAn Driesens-PolimenoShihan Javier Lezcano, Pablo Estensoro, Gilbert CleveringaLu EekhautJan BülowAlexander GoncharenkoDiana Maciute for their spirit and inspiration, we got so many good feedback from each of you so domo arigato! I have to say that it was touching to see you all socializing with each other like strong friends and one team. We have showed a strong example of kai (working together, with respect for each). Also I need to thank the Japanese delegation with Koi Shihan and Tsuyoshi Midori senpai as they are the representative of the WKO and WFKO and it is very good that the World Fullcontact Karate Organization support us so much. [Kyokushin heaven]

I must point out that without my staff this camp wouldn’t went so smooth as it was. Twan Smolders senpai worked so hard behind the screen, weeks before till the last moment, thanks my friend. Michiel Vleminckx sensei, who has a great organization talent did also so much things to make it easy and he was a good host for everyone, thanks my friend, our van-drivers have running the vans 2 days with at least 8 ours in the car Stephanie Janssens, Robin, Kris LagniauPatrick Tytens, thank you so much, senpai Wim Vingerhoets, to bring the Tori and the fix the training hall, thanks. I hope that everybody experience a warm hospitality, I am sure our staff did their very best!

All participants showed great spirit, strong Budo, a lot of respect, and never give up friendship. You have given your best in a humble way and everybody was like a part of the chain that never may break. If I look to it now a good slogan (I have learned this slogan from my sensei Midori Kenji shihan) we where “Real fighters and Real Friends”!!

What would we do without photos, without a video and without good promotion? One person has some very strong skills in doing this all. We all are very happy that this person wanted to help us and spend her time to put this historical camp in the picture and spread it over the world. Nadia Petrova senpai, so many thanks for all your work, we love you xx [I Love you too! Osu! Forever…]

Last but not least I want to express my deepest appreciation with the fact that we had some legends on this camp. We already mentioned that legend fighter Ademir Da costa was a special guest on the camp but also his strongest opponent in the 4th WC Shihan Michel Wedel, one of Holland most strongest fighter ever was a special guest in Butgenbach. Together with all other legend fighters it was an emotional reunion because many hadn’t seen each other for so long time. Such a beautiful and touching moment to be together again! Thank you Michel shihan for your surprise visit, big osu!

Another strong highlight was the visit of one of the first former of Kyokushin karate in Europe. We all where very proud to welcome shihan Loek Hollander, 82 years old, who came to the camp because he felt he had to. As we know the shihan he needed to make some tsuki’s and we could hear the respect into the strong kiai. Thank you very much shihan Loek for this precious visit!

“Let’s work together” for the future of are value Budo art, for the future of our organizations, for the future of our students and families, for the future of Fullcontact Karate. Let’s follow this path of unification.

This camp has filled my heart with strong believe, with great motivation and with unbelievable happiness. I want to thank each of you and hope to see you very soon. Big hugs and strong osu!

Koen shihan

Stay tuned!! because we had a great meeting on this camp with all representatives of different organizations because WFKO will organize a big open World Fullcontact Karate Championship in May 2020, one month before the Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan. The Selection Tournament for Fighters from whole Europe will be in Antwerp, Belgium, January 18th and 19th , keep this date free if you wanna fight in the 1st open WFKC in Japan. All info will send pretty soon, big osu! [Oh, I’m ready!]