The 2nd European Fullcontact karate camp Belgium was amazing!

Kyokushin event number 6 for 2019 and the first camp of the year!

With 2 words: an incredible camp.

Whoever misses it should be very sorry because he missed the opportunity to meet karate legends and amazing human beings: Ademir da Costa (Brazil), David Pickthall (UK), EKO President and WKO Vice President Koen Scharrenberg (Netherlands), Yasukazu Koi (Japan), Tsuyoshi Midori (Japan), Semmy Schilt (Netherlands), Paul Lorist (Nederland), Eric Constancia (Netherlands), Jonathan Tineo (Spain), Muzaffer Bacak (Germany), Luigi Polimeno (Switzerland), Geir Havreberg (Norway), Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Boris Nikolov (Bulgaria), Jesús Talán (Spain), Remigiusz Karpiński (Poland), Eugeniusz Dadzibug (Poland), An Driesens-Polimeno (Switzerland), Javier Lezcano (Spain), Pablo Estensoro (Spain), Gilbert Cleveringa (Netherlands), Lu Eekhaut (Belgium), Jan Bülow (Danmark), Alexander Goncharenko (Ukraine), Diana Maciute (Lithuania) and one and only, always smiling Koen Spitaels (Belgium) –> Shihan and Senseis from all around the World… Featuring of Twan Smulders (Netherlands) and Michiel Vleminckx (Belgium) without whom this camp will be not as it was. Osu!

Also we were happy to met the first Kyokushin karateka in Europe, we all were very proud to welcome Shihan Loek Hollander. The great honor for us was also to met Shihan Michel Wedel, one of Netherlands most strongest fighter ever, and the meeting of former opponents from the 4th World Open championship Shihan Ademir da Costa was so emotional and interesting. [Video]

Picture by Shihan Koen Spitaels


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Em 1987, no 4th World Kyokushin Tournament, Ademir da Costa e Michel Wedel, ambos considerados favoritos ao título, se enfrentam nas oitavas de final em um combate épico, que entrou para a história do Karatê mundial. Ademir acabava de vir de uma vitória contra Kenji Yamaki, após três duros empates, e enfrenta em sua próxima luta o então campeão Europeu Michel Wedel, em uma luta duríssima com dois empates, sendo decidida no terceiro round com a vitória de #ademirdacosta. Faz 32 anos….e ainda assistimos a esta luta, e pensamos o quanto ainda precisamos evoluir como lutadores! #karate #karateseiwakai #ademirdacosta #kyokushinkai #kyokushin #kyokushinkan #shinkyokushin

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No camp in martial arts world has not gather so many names in one place. It also brought together 260 participants from 24 countries and 40 different organizations. The idea and motto was: Let’s work together! It also sets the beginning of a cooperation between the fullcontact karate organizations and we will all work together to propagate full contact to young people. [Video]

Lake Bütgenbach – an amazing place for relaxation and sport! Very good choice of organizers! The place is specially created for water sports, recreation and camping. Only a coffee vending machine was missing because at 6 in the morning a coffee did miracles as in my case: a mood for work and reduced the desire to kill. [LOL]. Joking but not really. All was just amazing.

During outdoor training, we had a lot of viewers from the families that rested there. I hope we did not disturb them with kiais and fulcontact fights ;) Also we were blessed with amazing hot weather! As Sensei Michiel said: we ordered the weather especially for the camp and was expensive but worth it!

We also were blessed from Sosai Oyama this weekend because Shihans and Senseis did a lot of work and there were many meetings where the future of fullcontact karate was discussed. World Fullcontact Karate Organization – WFKO will organize a big open World Championship in May 2020, one month before the Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan. The Selection Tournament for Fighters from whole Europe will be held in Antwerp, Belgium on January 18th and 19th 2020, keep this dates free if you wanna fight in the 1st open WFKC in Japan. All info will send pretty soon! Shihan Koen Spitaels promised ;) Osu!

What to share about my work… When you have full freedom of action and you see happy karate people in front of the camera, things happen on their own. I uploaded a lot of pictures, videos in our Facebook Group and I was absolutely amazed. I love my work, thank you for giving me this pleasure. It was honor! And if the evil Nadia had appeared, it is because wants you all to have good photos, excuse me for that. Osu!

Follow EFKO news, because the goals and plans are interesting and big and because next time you have to be on Fullcontact camp!

Thanks to the organizers, to all the instructors, to everyone who participates in the camp – you make karate beautifully! See you soon! Osu!

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P.S. Respect to all but I didn’t mention Shihan and Senseis organization’s name, because I think this is not important. People – martial artists are important, doesn’t matter from which Org they are! Together and united we are strong! Let’s work together! Osu!