The 5th IFK World – I was there…

The 5th IFK World championship was supposed to be a strong competition, and it was.

Some names announced were not present, but it doesn’t reduce our interest. Perhaps the absent fighters should be removed from the draw and this will leave the organizers from IFK to decide because I do not think it is fatal. I personally love a cleaner look but this also is not fatal.
Aaaand if we talk about competitions programs, we all have a big note about the people who made this software: the sequence of the battles is important, add that. It was difficult to understand who was next and this was a big discomfort for competitors and coaches.
Now for the sports hall…The sports hall was great. Really! Vinyls, posters, organization … really great. Only if there were a few more viewers from Romania, would it have been better.
One team impressed everyone: the Iranians. They finished with medalists, but this is no excuse for the rough game, we witnessed many unlawful strikes, and they didn’t seem be by accident. And this is not from now. It would be nice if they learn to respect everyone, not only their Shihans and Senseis, but all the karatekas, who was there and fought with them. We are Kyokushin and arrogance and high self-esteem is not beautiful.

Ionut Visan and his team worked hard to show you one great online streaming. Several times he asked me how it was, and I kept saying: if there is nothing bad written, no one screamed for trouble, so everything is fine. I did not really know what was going on, but now I was watching at home and I could say that the broadcast was done at the level – as it should be. Thanks to the whole team.

Mihai Valentin Ursu – the IT guy from local Internet company was the hero for me on first day. He endured all that was said by me – good and bad and doing everything possible to have an Internet feed. The people in the sports hall did not have a good connection, but I did. Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty, I was not unable to broadcast online on Facebook directly, but it was not fatal.

There were two big surprises in the tournament: the marriage proposal and the 7th Dan Shihan David Pickthall. Osu!
Here’s the video

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Congrats! OSU!!

And personally for me… thank you Sensei Christian Hirsch for the award. It really means a lot to me. Thank you Shihan David and IFK for opportunity to be there. They gave me total freedom and it was really great. I appreciate it. Osu!

You may want to read about the fights and fighters? I don’t have opinion, because I didn’t watch as you… I congratulate all winners, all participant and coaches. You have done a great job. You made this tournament great. I wish you a quick recovery and soon seeing.

Personal greetings to Marsel Mansurov, Artem Nazaretian, Jonas Rosin, Vasily Samadurov, Anna Efremova, Agata Winiarska and the great Olga Ivanova! Thank you for your amazing fights and spirit. Osu!

As usual I met old and new friends and I’m happy, I see that the future is bright for our Kyokushin family. Thank you for reading!

Osu! @nadin4e

You can watch the entire tournament again on record 

P.S. See… I can be positive :)