An educating Kyokushin karate technique encyclopedia combined with a modern Japanese manga story, where all students can learn and look up on how to do the kicks, punches, blocks and stances for their next kyu exam.

The ultimate focus of these textbooks is to create the perfect teaching guide for every karateka, no matter what age. There will be at least five books for the first ten graduation tests. It helps you learning the techniques and recall them by reading the story and using them in training.

The Kyokushin Way book is intended to be the perfect complement to your Kyokushin Karate training.

Your Karate Kids will love it!

The young fighters will love these books, because on the one hand, their own experiences will reflect and on the other hand they can use it as a teaching book. The story of Akira Yamamoto will motivate them to prepare for the next belt and reach the next level. By the manga they will learn the names of the techniques more easily and in an interesting way.

It is the perfect present for you and your karate kids, a great technique guide, Kyokushin karate encyclopedia and a motivation to go on with the training and reach the next level.

Based on the story of the young man Akira, who is searching for one of the best martial arts, you will learn the karate philosophy and the techniques of each rank. We combine the learning part with a lovely drawn manga story and take care of all parts of the kyokushin spirit.

The focus of this manga is to convey the kyokushin techniques for each grading test. In the first book Akira discovers the kyokushin dojo and starts his karate training.

Follow Akira on his way to become a strong kyokushin fighter!

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