There’s no one like him

He can’t stop, he wouldn’t stop to amaze us! Sensei Valeri Dimitrov once again showed us the class and beauty of the contact karate.

Valeri Dimitrov is now an 18-times European Champion. 14-th in different weight categories and 4-times in an open absolute category (2002, 2012, 2014, 2018)

And not just these. He is 3 times world champion in weight categories, again in different (2005, 2009, 2013)

Only World Title in open absolute category is missing and we do not cease to dream about it. That’s possible, right?

See his achievements till May 2018 on my blog.

Again are you wondering how this is possible? How does Valeri Dimitrov achieve it? The truth is that it is different. Dedicated entirely to karate and family. Heavy training, dedication… he’s just different, and as I sometimes joke: he is an Alien.

History in karate is clear: there is no one like Valeri Dimitrov. The speed, the power of his punches and timing. Watch his fights from EUROPEAN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP Adults Open Budapest, Hungary which was held on 24 November 2018

Bonus videos! The great Ivanka Deleva – semifinal and final on the same championship – How she became the first Bulgarian European champion in Open Weight category!

Congratulations to Bulgarian team! Osu!