I was invited by Mr. Sergey Suvorov and Kyokushin World Union – KWU

to cover social media European Championship for Children in Berlin. The championship will be on March 18, Saturday.

551 athletes from 24 European countries will compete in 2 halls on 6 tatamis. It will be a little crazy day, but we love the adrenaline, right. This championship will be the next stage of test for judges. There will be seminars and practical part as ever before every KWU International tournament.This is important for KWU because they have ambition and they work in the field have the best referees in Kyokushin. And we know this is no easy task. We’ll see the results of hard work in November in Tokyo on 3-rd World Championship for men and women in weight categories.

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After this Saturday competition day, the hosts from Germany have prepared excursion on Sunday and on evening traditional Sayonara party. I’ve never been to Berlin and expect to see a true European city with much history and therefore I’m looking forward to try the local cuisine. But these are the emotions of a tourist, and I go on a business trip and may not have much time for adventure.

That’s it for now. After another funny karate weekend I will share my impressions from both the city and from the competition and organization. Thank you for reading and sharing my blog :)



P.S. THE DRAW and all fighters here: kwu.kyokushin.eu