Tineo Camp 2019 – bigger and stronger

Anyone who has been at least once in the last 9 years at the Tineo camp knows how intense and absolutely amazing is this camp.

This 2019 Sensei Jonathan will meet us with two outstanding instructors – Shihan David Pickthall – charismatic and with excellent knowledge of warriors around the world and a man who can read the match. And second is Sensei Nazar Nasirov – famous Russian fighter with an attractive portfolio of tournament wins and one of the contenders for the World Title of the Absolute WKO World championship in November in Tokyo.

We will train with karatekas from all around the World: Germany, Canada, Chile, Lithuania, England, Hungary, France, Belarus, Sweden, Latvia, Armenia, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Norway, Russia, Venezuela, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, France, Bulgaria, Wales, Romania, Ireland, Brazil – 27 countries!

Prepare for 3 days with a total of 8 training sessions, an incredible Sayonara party and a lot of fighting – fiesta, siesta and repeat!

Here is the Program in English and Spanish:

Since you are here, check out this video from Tineo Camp 2018: