“The true virtue of humility” beaten in Rengokay World Cup semi-final *

*The original article by Andrey Kurty superkarate.ru

I do my best to translate and share with you. Have fun and never do that on video from semifinal, is not martial artist’s way!

January 22, 2017 Okinawa (Japan) hosted the World Cup Rengokay in absolute weight category (4th Kyokushin Union Cup World Karate Championship). In the men division participated 71 fighters from 26 countries.

In the semi-final between the strongest fighters of the national team of Kazakhstan Timur Raymbekov (Тимур Райымбеков) Sensei (!?!?!) and the Japanese karateka Ishimine Yudai happened something incredible for Kyokushin, and incredible for the whole fight sports and martial arts.

Yes, sometimes it happened and we want to blame judges. But in this case, it is impossible to think that at this level of competition and fighter, there we saw a similar insanity. 

I (Andrey) fully think that due the fight was judges misguidance and “the curtain fell” of Timur and happened what we saw on video…. It would be nice if it got this kicks to the judges ( :oops: ) For the future, the judges will remember that poor judging and remember that in someone else can wake up the other “Timur” and kick them for bad refereeing.

And probably this must be the last fight of Timur in Kyokushin, not to mention on the tournament.

How would the judges do not learn lesson, everyone saw the top of disrespect to the opponent, the spectators and the most Kyokushin. (Thanks to that video many people saw it on social media). Only the organizers have not noticed!

Oh, and some fans. (I can not translate this but she thinks that we have no right to comment because we didn’t see full fight, and on the end she wrote “Go to...” hell? f**? something like that)  

As a result, Timur was the winner on the semi-final, losing on the final to another Japanese fighter Nagata Yuya and on the podium received congratulations as vice-champion. 

And another organization lead World championship on papers in 21st century!! Funny

Now is my turn to share opinion! 

Look that smile. Look that happy face! Shameless…

Timur, it doesn’t matter what was during the fight, there is no reason to react like this. This is disrespectful and truly stupid! Now all Kyokushin will know your name, your country and your organization, and this will be remembered very long time. The name of Champion will be forgotten, but YOUR bad behavior will be remembered. And this is one big black dot for us! 

This is not all but I must stop… Timur, stay healthy and let this social media critics be a lesson for you. Because for your 3.Dan you learned very very little for Kyokushin and as person. Your big ego kill you talent. (not my words). No Osu for you