Unbelievable karate (hmm kind of karate)

Karate has many styles. From full contact to no contact. But basically it is a beautiful martial art.

I personally can not define this style as beautiful karate, but it exists in Brooklyn (NY)

World Martial Arts Association
World Martial Arts Association wmaa.com

3 years ago became viral in social media a “karate” video “Exam for 5th degree black belt” and many people thought it was a joke, but after an investigation it turned out that it was no joke. People seriously think that they practice karate. Maybe some kind of Martial Art, but it is not karate, which we of Kyokushin, Shotokan, Taekwon do,  and much more styles know as MA. Then, in 2013, with that popularity official channel of this club erased his videos from YouTube channel. But they still exist as club and as channel. Now again I did my research and found them. They still have channel in YouTube, have a web page, have Facebook page. But no longer upload any videos from club’s life. Too bad. We look forward to seeing their progress because the website wrote that they having 7th degree black belt.

See their website, consider for yourself who they are and what they are. But more important is to have fun with the videos, and if I got something new will immediately share it.

Soon I had a meeting for an interview with Bulgarian sensei Ventsislav Sholin, who developed his own dojo in Los Angeles (CA) and he explained that in America there are no restrictions: anyone who wants can open dojo. This person says: “I have a black belt”. And people believe him. He opens the dojo, began to teach any style and that’s it. Nobody cares whether it is legitimate as a teacher, is there such a style karate, whether the teacher is a member of any organization – local or global… So karate is not very respected in America…

Soon you will be able to read full interview with sensei Ventsislav Sholin on English here on my blog. But now is time for fun. Watch the video and as I promised, if I find more, will share of course.


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