Valeri Dimitrov – an ordinary man with extraordinary achievements

He started training karate 21 years ago.

Today, Sensei Valeri Dimitrov describes karate as his life.

Photographer Annika Peterson 2

16 times champion of Europe, three-times World and 5 times champion of Bulgaria. Winner of many World and European competitions, chosen for athlete of the year in his home town Plovdiv. Athlete of the Month in Bulgaria (April 2013 for his third world title) chosen by all sports journalists. The only karateka in the Hall of fame of Bulgarian sports (2009)

Now he is 35 years old and the best karateka in Bulgaria, 4 dan sensei Valeri Dimitrov has achieved everything in his career. But can not imagine still end up with karate.

“I guess that will come a time when I will not be much time in the dojo, but at this stage I can not imagine life without karate.”

A great recognition for him is that the karate world named one of the kyokushin karate leg techniques used in this fighting style as “Valeri kick.”

“Every time I explain that: this is not my kick, and I have not found it. And I saw it from another competitor. This kick is part of karate techniques that we all use and I have not discovered. “

Champion describes himself as an ordinary person who does not have a different life from everyone else.

“I like to spend time with my two daughters, with my family. Going to the cinema, nothing different in particular what does it all. “

He shares how nice to get on the podium and hear the national anthem of Bulgaria: “I can not explain it in words – it is very nice.”

When he won his first European title Valerie was only 19 years old.

“Then I did not know what was happening. Now at the last European championship I feel that it becoming harder and harder, and probably the years is related, but younger fighters prosper much and I became increasingly difficult to catch up “

Valeri is not like other champions of any sport. He is different not only because of the record number of European and world titles. Distinguishes it above all humility and humanity. Do not seek fame and popularity, but simply doing what he did best – to win. Although the 16 European and three world titles sensei Valeri Dimitrov remains a simple man, but with extraordinary achievements.


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